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IIDA Emeritus

The IIDA Emeritus status is an esteemed member type awarded to retired IIDA Professional members. An IIDA Emeritus member has greatly contributed their life and career to the interior design and/or architectural industry. This honor recognizes and respects an individual’s lifelong commitment to IIDA, and whose contributions and accomplishments are consistent with IIDA's mission and vision.

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  • Applications Open: October 9, 2023

  • Applications Close: November 17, 2023

Candidates must be a retired IIDA Professional Member at the time of the application and qualify under one of the three pathways listed below:

1. Have been an IIDA Fellow for more than 15 years and are currently retired.

2. Have been an IIDA Professional Member for 25 consecutive years, have retired from the profession, and have either served at least one year on the IIDA International Board of Directors OR have served at least three years on an IIDA chapter board.

3. You've served at least one term as the IIDA International Board President and have retired from the profession.

All applications will be reviewed by an IIDA staff member, and those that meet the required criteria will be submitted to the IIDA International Board of Directors for final review and approval. Once approved, the candidate will receive a 76% reduction in their membership dues for the following and all subsequent years as a benefit of being an IIDA Emeritus Member. Please note that since an IIDA Emeritus Member is retired, they will not have the right to vote in IIDA chapter of IIDA international elections.

If you have any questions, please contact the Director of Member Services, Cody Czmyr, at cczmyr@iida.org.